The intention of this page is to remember our classmates who have passed.  

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ClassMate Class of
Roxanne Valldejuli 1968
Glynn Mooneyham 1969
Mike Murrhee 1969
Thomas Hawes 1969
Van Ellis 1969
Gerald Mingledorff 1970
Ken Nooney 1970
Sally Brannon 1970
Sandy Grayson 1970
Susie Belote 1970
Alvin Couey 1971
Carol Smith 1971
David Ennis 1971
Mike Clance 1971
Mike Grace 1971
Ricky Thames 1971
Evelyn Hague 1972
Jack Funderburke 1972
Jack Meek 1972
Mark Hutchinson 1972
Ricky Parades 1972
Donald Salsbury 1973
John Coffman 1973
Kenny Sumpter 1973
Kitten Lawrence 1973
Patti McGlave Reid 1973
Valerie Turner 1973
Kathy Smith Brown 1974
Sue Whiddon 1974
Donnie Coffman 1975
Randy Heltzel 1975